What We Can Offer

Interior Painting

Neilson's Painting, a professional interior painting company, our painters know exactly what it takes to start and finish a custom project that will fit your exact painting needs. Have a large project? What about a small project? Neilson's Painting handles all of your interior painting needs! Our employees and our process will set us apart from all painting companies in Orange County, California. Our system for each home or business ensures you get the highest quality job from start to finish.

Exterior Painting

To get a quality painting job, you need an exceptional commercial painter. After all, the first thing that your customers see is the building as your customers walk up or your walls when they enter the office. This is the first impression that you make upon your clients. You want it to be a good one. Something that is professionally done to keep in tune with your own professionalism. You need a painting contractor who lets no detail escape him, who is precise and exacting in any repairs that need to be done and is meticulous in his prep work. You need a contractor who only uses high-quality materials and can efficiently schedule the work along with your needs. You need Neilson's Painting.

Garage Floor Coating

You can turn your garage into a showpiece. Neilson's Painting can do it with Granitex, and it is the garage floor coating that can make your garage the envy of the neighborhood. Granitex has been on the market for 20 years. This durable product can withstand practically anything. 10-year-old boys playing scaled-down hockey on rollerblades. No problem. Heavy tools dropping on the floor. No problem. The heat from your tires after you have been on winding summertime drive. No problem. Anything that you can imagine, Granitex can withstand. And we have been installing Granitex for 7 years and have become experts at it.